Tools for CPN Members: Petitions

By Emily Stiever on April 1, 2013

Check out some examples of how our Partners are taking advantage of our petition tools!

Tools for CPN Members: Petitions

About CPN’s Petition Tool

As part of our ongoing effort to help our members grow and build power, we have a set of tools and resources for CPN partners.
One of these tools lets users create online petitions or email campaigns targeted to specific recipients. Recipients can be legislators, elected officials, business leaders, or other targets. And, at the end of the campaign we make sure you have a complete list of all of the people who took action (unlike sites like or, which don’t let you have email addresses of people who took action, and then they fundraise from your list ).

Example: Fighting for Net Metering Rights in Alabama

We recently partnered with the Alabama Solar Association to help Alabama residents fight for their right to net meter. Using our online tools they’ve launched an email campaign that targets the County Commissioner and Chamber of Commerce, asking that they change their policies or risk losing important tourism revenue. To date we’ve had 587 people take action!

Example: Advocating for Community Solar in Maryland

We’ve also worked with groups in Maryland that are advocating for legislation that would support a community solar pilot program. We helped them develop the petition, target key legislators on specific committees, and circulate the petition among Maryland networks.

Thinking about a petition? Let us work with you!

We’d love to help your group launch and circulate a petition or other action. Shoot us an email ( and we can get started!

Creating an Advocacy Listserve

We are also starting a listserve of groups fighting advocacy efforts on the state level. The purpose is to share resources and coordinate across multiple states that share a single utility. If you are interested in joining in the community, or have ideas who to invite or how to structure it, please contact us.