Urgent: Fight for Maryland community solar

By Brandon Walton on February 1, 2016

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) is deciding on rules for Maryland’s community solar program. They may decide to apply unfair fees to community shared solar arrays and subscribers. Commissioners need to hear from you before they meet on February 11th to start finalizing the rules.

Community shared solar allows you to receive the benefits of solar when the solar array is somewhere else. You’ll be able to subscribe to the array and receive credit on your electricity bill. We need the PSC to rule that Marylanders who subscribe to community solar receive the same value credited on their bill as if they had solar on their home. This fair outcome will help ensure community solar is able to benefit all Marylanders.

It’s really important to tell the Commission who you are and why community solar matters to you. Please customize the letter. For example, are you a renter who can’t go solar directly? Is your home too shaded for solar? Do you want your church to host solar and share it with the congregation? Do you live in an apartment building or condo?

We’ll gather your letters together and submit them to the PSC on your behalf.