What to know if you want to do solar yourself

By Ben Delman on June 15, 2017

Florida solar power home ownerThe growth in the solar market has led to a number of ways for homeowners to go solar. For the technically savvy, there is the option of building a system yourself.

By purchasing components online or wholesale, as well as installing the system yourself, you may be able to save significantly on the cost of a project. These savings can make up for Florida’s lack of state incentives and weak market for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

DIYing a solar system can also be a chance to learn more about how the technology works and experiment with a new design. There are hundreds of DIY solar project options, ranging from putting together a simple DIY solar charger to installing a complete system, or even building a solar panel from scratch.

Despite these benefits of doing solar yourself, constructing a full complex system is not for the inexperienced or unlicensed. Solar installers go through months of training and oversight before they are certified to install panels. In addition to understanding how to properly install a system, this training provides them with the necessary understanding of proper safety procedures to follow.

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