Wheeling and Morgantown solar co-ops soliciting bids from area installers

By Emily Stiever on June 5, 2015
Photo courtesy of Mountain View Solar.

We are excited to issue a Request for Proposal on behalf of solar co-ops in Wheeling and Morgantown!

Over 30 homeowners in Wheeling and over 50 homeowners Morgantown have joined their respective co-ops and are seeking qualified installers to complete their installations. 
Please find below the combined cover letter and RFP. We’ve included some of our lessons learned with past bulk purchase groups, as well as an outline of the process and expectations for the installer(s) chosen by the Selection Committees. Also below is a link to our new RFP response template.
If you have any questions please contact https://www.solarunitedneighbors.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/nancy-HOA-1.jpg (emily@wvsun.org)

Deadline for submission for responses to both RFPs is Monday, June 29th by 4:59pm.

Download the Morgantown Solar Co-op RFP
Download the Wheeling Solar Co-op RFP
Download the RFP Response Template (MS Word)