Will the DC Council Flush the Solar Industry Down the Drain?

By Emily Steiver on April 11, 2011

Down to the Wire. DC Council sits on Distributed Generation Bill. DC SUN asks its members and all residents of DC to wake up the DC Council and protect our interests!

The Distributed Generation Act (Bill 19-10) builds the foundation necessary for the sustained growth of the industry and the solar market in the District. Folks this is much bigger than a small rebate program. This is ten years of growth for the sector! It means solar opportunities across every Ward in the City. The bill increases the amount of solar energy the District of Columbia is required to use from 0.4% to 2.5% by 2020, which aligns the District’s goals with those in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and elsewhere. Most Significantly– the bill would fix the loop that current allows the District to meet it’s solar targets with installations from out of STATE! The bill requires utility companies to purchase solar energy solar systems located within the District to ensure the District receives the benefits of solar energy

* The Council hearing on the Bill 19-10, the Distributed Generation Amendment Act of 2011 was heldover a month ago. At that time, an over-flowing crowd of over 50 people representing local solar installers, DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN), homeowners, community leaders, and environmental organizations showed up and testified in support of the bill. Council Member Alexanderended the hearing by stating, “We will pass this bill.”

* Since that time, whatever limited concerns raised at the hearing have been fully addressed.

* This bill is a Green Jobs– No BRAINER for the DC Council. This bill is projected to create up to 2,000 green jobs in the District over the next nine years and will generate approximately $50 Million in sales tax revenue and more than $100 Million in income tax revenue over the next nine years. The bill is TIME SENSITIVE, and without quick action, we will lose an industry our city has worked so hard to create.

Why Hasn’t the Council ACTED to pass the bill?

Post here if you take action to support the bill. If you call your council member post responses, if you email post their responses for others to share.

Call, Write, Visit in Person and ask your Council member and Kwame Brown to Please Pass this the Distributed Generation Amendment Act of 2011 immediately! Tell them to Act now before it is too late!!!!