You told the PSC: no new fees on solar—and they listened!

By Zach Schalk on September 14, 2018
Solar supporters hold signs reading Go Solar, Join Together, and Fight for our Energy rights!
When solar supporters like you stand up together to fight for our energy rights, we win!

We did It!

Thanks to solar supporters like you taking action, we were able to block a proposal before the Maryland Public Service Commission that could have threatened the growth of rooftop solar in our state for year to come.

Over the past few years, the PSC has worked to review the process by which we generate and receive electricity in the PC 44 proceeding. One key question under review is how standards for the interconnection of solar systems to the broader electric grid should be updated as solar generation increases throughout the state.

A proposed PSC rule would have opened the door to utilities charging higher fees for the interconnection of solar systems—even for small residential installations. This could have threatened Maryland’s solar future.

We asked for your help in protecting future solar home owners and we got it

We received over 250 signatures on the petition that was submitted to the PSC to ensure that new fees wouldn’t slow down solar in our state.

We even had a solar supporter from our network testify at the hearing (you can watch here) about the benefits of solar and how difficult it can be for homeowners to afford investing in solar panels at it is. To support the continued growth of rooftop solar in Maryland, the PSC should do everything it can to ensure that future solar homeowners aren’t burdened with extra fees.

Thank you for continuing to join us in fighting for solar rights. Once again, we’ve proven that when our solar army mobilizes, we win!

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