Portage County Solar Co-op

What is a solar co-op?

We bring homeowners together into a group, or co-op. We provide unbiased, installer-neutral support to co-op participants through each stage of the process of going solar. Our experienced team ensures you understand how solar works, how it can be financed, and how it can be installed on your home.

Co-ops take advantage of the group’s bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and a quality installation. Volunteer co-op participants choose an installer on behalf of the entire group through an open and competitive bidding process. The selected installer provides co-op participants a personalized proposal for their consideration.

Watch the video below to learn more about how solar co-ops work and the benefits of going solar with our co-op, or view our FAQs.

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The Portage County Solar Co-op is open to homes and business in Portage County.

How does a co-op work?

Where we are in the process

What's Next

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The first information session will be scheduled for early January.

What We've Done So Far

  • Launch co-op
  • First info session
  • Second info session
  • Issue RFP
  • Select installer
  • Begin installations
  • Final info session
  • Sign-up deadline
  • Party!

Can't make our info session?

Watch a recorded session for general information on solar, how co-ops work, and what to expect if you join.

How much does solar cost?


Ohio residents are eligible for Ohio’s ECO-Link program. The Energy Conservation for Ohioans Program, or ECO-Link, offers a reduced interest rate to homeowners installing renewable energy or making energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. This program will help homeowners obtain reduced rate financing. Homeowners can receive up to a three percent interest rate reduction on bank loans for up to seven years.

The state treasurer’s office purchases an investment made by a bank at a discounted price. This purchase is made on behalf of the homeowner who is part of the ECO-link program. The lender then gives the discounted rate to the homeowner through a bank loan. Once the homeowner pays off the loan, the bank returns the investment to the treasurer.

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