Don’t let Consolidated Electric’s fixed charges block you from going solar

Consolidated Electric Cooperative imposes unfair fixed charges on its residential member-owners. This reduces the amount of money you can save by going solar.

Consolidated Electric Cooperative charges its residential member-owners high annual fixed charges of nearly $500 per year. This figure is even higher, $660, for those with rooftop solar systems.

Fixed charges are what you pay to Consolidated no matter how much electricity you use, how much you can generate with solar, or how much you save through energy efficiency. These high fixed charges are discouraging people from going solar and using less energy. Consolidated also imposes an additional minimum charge to people with low energy usage. These policies are unfair, especially to low income and fixed income residents.

Sign the petition to tell Consolidated’s Board of Trustees and management that you want them to eliminate their punitive fixed charges. Tell them that they should be encouraging their customers to invest in money-and energy-saving solar and energy efficiency in their homes.


I am writing as a member-owner of Consolidated Electric Cooperative to ask the Board of Trustees reduce the unfairly high fixed charges imposed on us. These fixed charges make it too difficult for us to take control of where our electricity comes from, either by reducing usage through efficiency, or generating our own electricity with solar panels.

All CEC residential member-owners pay nearly $500 per year in fixed charges. If we decide to go solar, that number jumps to more than $600.

High fixed charges are a significant disincentive for people to use less energy and to go solar. They drive up the costs of solar and energy-efficiency improvements by lengthening the payback period of these otherwise smart investments. Fixed charges (along with the cooperatives’ additional minimum charge to people with low energy usage) are especially unfair to low-income and fixed-income residents.

High fixed charges limit customers control over their electric bill and discourage the market for more efficient solutions to meet Consolidated customers’ electricity needs. We urge the Board to repeal Consolidated’s counter-productive fixed charge policies.