Remove lobbyist Sam Randazzo from the Public Utilities Commission

Lobbyist Sam Randazzo worked on the payroll of monopoly utilities and fossil fuel companies.

Sam Randazzo is chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. This is an example of how utilities have corrupted Ohio politics. Randazzo wields tremendous power over decisions that impact Ohioans. Governor DeWine needs to remove him from the state’s Public Utilities Commission.

Randazzo is a long-time lobbyist. He worked for monopoly utilities like FirstEnergy. Now, he heads the body that is responsible for regulating these same utilities.

This is an obvious conflict of interest.

Randazzo consistently sides with utilities and their fossil fuel allies against the interests of Ohio consumers.

He has voted to:

  • Delay approval of solar projects
  • Cut energy efficiency programs
  • Kill an offshore wind project

Please take a moment to contact Governor DeWine using the letter at the right as a starting point.

Tell the Governor why a lobbyist for big utilities like Sam Randazzo has no place on the Public Utilities Commission.