Stop FirstEnergy’s $300 million bailout

HB 6 would gut Ohio's clean energy standard and impose a $300 million annual tax to subsidize FirstEnergy’s aging, expensive nuclear power plants.

The Ohio State House passed an outrageous bill (HB 6) to force taxpayers to bailout FirstEnergy’s uneconomic nuclear and coal power plants and reduce the state’s successful renewable and energy-efficiency power plant standards.

The bill is on its way the Ohio State Senate. Now is the time to send a strong message to your state senator to vote NO on HB 6.

If the bill passes, Ohio residents and businesses will give away more than $300 million to private corporations to prop up their uncompetitive investments. To make matters worse, the bill reduces Ohio’s clean energy standards which have led to more than $1 billion in savings and thousands of new Ohio jobs.

Please tell your Senator that HB 6 is corporate welfare at its worst, distorts the market, and harms our ability to generate our own solar electricity.

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