Tell the Ohio Senate: No unfair fees on EVs and hybrids!

The state house passed a bill to impose a $200 annual registration fee on electric vehicles and $100 fee on hybrids. The state senate will vote before March 20. Contact your state senator. Tell them no unfair fees on EVs!

Over the past few years, electric vehicles and hybrids have emerged as viable alternatives to traditional gasoline vehicles.

EVs are clean, fun to drive, and are an especially great fit with solar. After all, what’s better than the idea of powering your car with sunshine!

But now, Ohio lawmakers have proposed a bill imposing high registration fees on electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The House has already passed HB 62, which will impose annual registration fees of $200 on pure battery electric vehicles and a $100 annual fee on all hybrid vehicles.

These punitive and excessive fees discourage people from purchasing EVs and hybrids at a time when we should be encouraging these purchases.

Tell your senator you are opposed to the new fees on electric vehicles and hybrids.

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