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Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a draft report that explains how the state could generate 10% of its total electricity demand with solar power by 2030, a 36-fold increase from current levels. The study concludes that solar power would bring “enormous” benefits to the state in public health, jobs, economic growth, and carbon and air pollution reductions.

The report describes two different scenarios to reach the 10% goal, but both depend heavily on large utility-scale solar installations rather than rooftop residential and business solar projects that direct benefits and control to local communities. We need your help to refocus the study on distributed solar!

What you can do

  1. The DEP is accepting public comment on the report through August 20. It’s important that solar supporters send a strong and clear message that rooftop solar should have a greater role in Pennsylvania’s energy future. Click here to submit a comment using our talking points (below) or by copying our petition text / sample comment at the bottom of this page. You can customize either message to make it your own!
  2. Add your name to our petition on this page to show your support for solar. We will share the name of the petition signers in our public comments on the report! Please feel free to sign our petition and submit your own comment as well.

Our message

Pennsylvania’s electric grid should be a two-way, democratic energy network with solar as the cornerstone that builds resilient, local power in our communities and gives consumers the choice to benefit from their own energy production.

Rooftop solar:

  • creates local jobs;
  • builds clean, local energy in our communities;
  • helps reduce energy bills and give consumers energy choice;
  • directs control and benefits back to local communities; and
  • works with battery storage to keep the lights on during a natural disaster.

Petition text / sample comment

Dear Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection,

I am excited to see Pennsylvania taking another step to becoming a national leader in solar energy with the release of this report. However, I strongly believe that the strategies outlined in the report rely too heavily on utility-scale solar. Rooftop solar should be the cornerstone of Pennsylvania’s energy future, as it enables homeowners and businesses to directly control and lower their energy costs. In addition, compared to grid-scale solar, rooftop solar provides more widely-distributed economic benefits and, by reducing our dependency on centralized power plants, makes our energy grid more resilient.

One strategy that could substantially increase the amount of rooftop solar is to strengthen our net metering policy to ensure that solar owners receive full value for excess energy sent to the grid on a monthly and annual basis. As detailed in the report, the true comprehensive value of solar is likely higher than the retail rate for electricity, meaning that distributed solar owners are not being fully compensated for the value of the electricity they produce.


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