Tell Duquesne Light: NO increase in fixed charges

Sign our petition to let Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission know that the proposed fixed charge increase from Duquesne Light is unfair to solar and efficiency customers!

Dear PUC Commissioners,

As a Duquesne Light customer, I am writing to voice my strong opposition to Duquesne Light’s proposed rate increase (Docket No. R-2018-3000124). A higher fixed rate charge is unfair because it reduces our ability to lower our energy costs through installing solar rooftop panels, attic insulation, and energy efficient light bulbs.

Instead of discouraging people from weatherizing their houses or going solar, Duquesne Light should consider alternative ratemaking systems that support and reward clean and efficient energy while still providing adequate revenue, according to the PUC’s recent guidance to utilities (Docket Number M-2015-2518883).

It’s time for the Commission to take a firm stand against unfair fixed charges.


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