Fight for your solar rights in Pennsylvania

Tell your representatives in Harrisburg that you support policies to help make affordable rooftop solar accessible to all Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvanians are demanding a clean and democratic energy system that directs control and benefits back to local communities—with rooftop solar as the cornerstone. Rooftop solar saves homeowners money on their electric bills, while providing valuable community-wide benefits, including a resilient electric grid, locally-produced energy, energy independence, strong economic growth, and good jobs throughout the state. In fact, solar installer is the fastest growing occupation in the nation. We don’t want Pennsylvania to get left behind!

Please contact your representatives in Harrisburg to urge them to support solar policies that help all Pennsylvanians to gain access to solar energy. Let them know that you will no longer accept policies that rig the game in favor of monopoly utilities at the expense of the fair and democratic energy system we deserve.

Everyone should be able to go solar!


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