Keep solar growing in Pennsylvania

Tell your representatives to update the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. Don’t let Pennsylvania fall behind!

Pennsylvania is at risk of falling behind our neighbors when it comes to solar energy. These states have set ambitious targets for solar energy. Pennsylvania has not.

Bi-partisan legislation introduced in the Pennsylvania House and Senate would change this. These bills require our electric utilities to buy more energy from solar and other alternative sources.

Setting higher alternative energy goals will help more homeowners, businesses, schools, houses of worship, and non-profits go solar and help current solar owners see a quicker return on their investment.

HB 1080 and SB 501 would require that utilities buy 5.5% of their electricity from in-state solar energy by 2026. Currently, solar accounts for only about 0.5% of our state’s energy use.

We need to act quickly

Pennsylvania has set a target for solar energy. This is known as the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS). It requires utilities to source a certain percentage of their electricity from solar.

Under the AEPS, solar owners earn credits based on how much electricity they generate. Solar owners sell these credits to utilities. Buying these credits is how utilities can meet the law’s target. The current target is 0.5%. After May, it stops increasing.

This could dramatically slow the growth of solar energy in Pennsylvania.

If the legislature does not increase this target, utilities will need to buy fewer solar credits. This will cause demand for new solar energy to plummet. Solar homeowners will earn less from their solar systems. Fewer people will install solar. And, solar jobs will be lost.

What you can do

Contact your lawmakers. Use the form at the right to urge them to update the AEPS. Modify the message to share your story with your representatives. If you have solar, tell them how going solar has benefited you and your family. If you don’t yet have solar, tell them why you want to keep solar growing in Pennsylvania.

Logo for Solar United Neighbors Action. It includes a drawing of the Capitol building surrounded by sun rays
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