Piragis Northwoods

Contact information

Business Name: Piragis Northwoods Co
Address: 105 N. Central Ave. Ely, MN 55731
Phone: (800) 223-6565
Email: mail@piragis.com
Website: piragis.com


System details

Size: 11.04 kW
Installer: Able Energy
Date of Install: May 2010 & more added in 2013






Who we are

Piragis Northwoods Company is dedicated to instilling a passion in people for paddling canoes and kayaks in wilderness settings by providing the best quality equipment and expert advice to wilderness lovers. Ultimately, our mission is to enhance the appreciation of wild shores and help to preserve nature along rivers, lakes and oceans around the globe. 

Why we went solar

We went solar because we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and be an example to our community.  Our business and other Ely businesses depend on the pristine wilderness area surrounding us, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  The nature of our business is eco-friendly, and we make conscious decisions every day to conduct business in the most eco-friendly way possible.  Going solar is just one of the many choices we’ve made toward that goal.


Benefits of going solar

Solar has helped us lower our energy bills, especially during our busiest months in the summer when our lights are on from 6am-9pm.  One of the greatest impacts it has had is the reminder to our community and our customers that we all must make a difference in our environment.  Our solar panels are one of the first things people see when entering into Ely and it reminds visitors of what a special place Ely is, on the edge of a wilderness area that we all must work towards keeping clean and pristine.  It is our hope that this message of clean energy and sustainability spreads to other communities as visitors from all over the country return home from canoe trips in Ely.