Presswrite Printing & Design

Contact information

Business Name: Presswrite Printing & Design
Address: 3384 Brownlow Avenue, St Louis Park, MN 55426
Phone: (952) 920-0014

System details

Size: 12.22 kW
Installer: Innovative Power Systems
Date of Install: April 2010

Who we are

Today’s savvy customers demand quality work and quick turn-around for a competitive price. Presswrite manages the entire production process to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded. Whether your project requires traditional color offset, super fast digital color, high speed black and white or an array of bindery work, we can deliver.

Why we went solar

We went solar because we liked the idea of powering our business with renewable energy instead of pulling dirty energy from the grid. We do our best to cut down our footprint by making use of LED light bulbs and low energy usage equipment, so going solar was another way to reduce our impact on the environment.

Benefits of going solar

It’s great to know that instead of buying all of our power we’re actually producing power ourselves. The idea of doing the installation was primarily because we wanted to be more “green,” but we’re certainly not complaining about how it has lowered our power bills and helped attract customers who are interested in solar. By going solar we supported an industry that provides good local jobs and helped move the clean energy economy forward.