Rockbridge Vineyards

Contact information

Business Name: Rockbridge Vineyards
Address: 35 Hillview Lane, Raphine, VA 24472
Phone: (540) 377-6204


System details

Size: 21.7 kW
Installer: Sigora Solar
Date of Install: June 2017

Who we are

Rockbridge Vineyards is in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley Wine Country. Our vineyard covers 17 acres and is complemented with grapes from other top-quality growers in neighboring Virginia counties. From this palette of vinifera, hybrid, and native grapes, we produce wines that please a broad range of individual tastes. Our winemaking style of traditional small batch methods with minimal processing allows us to capture the essence of the vineyard in the glass. The result: well-crafted, affordable wines. Enjoy!

Why we went solar

We are concerned about the well being of our planet, and as a business that uses a lot of energy we knew the right thing to do was to go solar. We want to be an example that demonstrates the benefits of going solar and encourages others to join the movement to change the energy economy.

Benefits of going solar

We purchased a system designed to meet all of our energy needs, so not only have we been able to dramatically cut our carbon footprint, but we’re also saving lots of money we would otherwise be paying to the power company. We feel much better about our place in the world, knowing that we’re now using renewable energy to make our wine and run our business.