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The Solar United Neighbors Facebook and Twitter accounts are the primary hubs for our social content. Like our page for solar news, program updates, and opportunities to join together and fight for solar rights! You can also help us grow our movement by sharing our content with your family and friends.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are designed to help our community connect with each other on the platform. In addition to staying informed about upcoming events and relevant news in your area, your state Facebook group will allow you to share information directly with other solar supporters in your state. You can use the group to ask questions about going solar, get advice about installers in your area from other solar supporters, and share important solar news with other members of your community.

Our Facebook groups include homeowners who have gone solar, individuals interested in going solar, and people who work in the solar industry. We want to create a community that supports open and respectful discussions about solar in your state, offers advice for individuals and groups interested in going solar, and provides updates about solar policy, incentives, and technologies. However, these groups are not the appropriate forum for political arguments or advertising.

Please follow our simple ground rules:

  1. Please be respectful. We can disagree about issues, but need to be respectful when we do so. Challenge ideas, not people.
  2. Keep discussions focused on solar.
  3. No advertising or spam.

Violation of these ground rules are grounds for having posts removed, and repeated violations will be grounds for blocking the offending poster from the group.

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