Make a difference in Georgia's solar rights.
Make a difference in Georgia's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Don’t let Georgia Power tax the sun

Make your voice heard by November 30
Stop the tax on the sun

What is happening

Monopoly utility Georgia Power wants to tax customers who use solar energy. This tax would cost solar homeowners hundreds of dollars per year. This would come on top of a huge monthly rate increase for everybody.

Georgia Power has overcharged its customers for more than a decade. As a result, many have decided to go solar and reduce their energy bill.

This is a problem for Georgia Power. The more families who take control of where their electricity comes from, the less profit Georgia Power and their shareholders make.

So, the company is asking state regulators to allow it to charge its customers a $200 fee if they have solar.

Fight back

Georgia Power needs the state Public Service Commission to approve their request.

Please take a moment to contact commissioners. Tell them to oppose Georgia Power’s solar tax.

If you have solar, tell them how it has benefited you and your family. If you don’t yet have solar, tell them how this new tax would make it harder for you to benefit from solar energy.

Take action!

Contact the Public Service Commission