Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.
Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Don’t let HCE raise your bills

Protect solar owners from higher bills

What is happening

Your utility, Holy Cross Energy (HCE), is planning to restructure their electric rates. Under their plan, members will pay significantly more in flat fees and new charges that solar panels can’t help offset. That means that HCE customers with solar will see higher bills – in some cases, more than doubled – and reduced solar savings.

If HCE moves forward with these new rates, it could take up to 25 years for solar owners to earn back their investment via electricity bill savings. 

This rate change is bad for solar owners. It will discourage more folks in the Roaring Fork Valley from going solar. It would also go against statewide net metering laws, which require utilities to credit solar owners at market rate for the extra energy they produce. 

What can you do? 

If you’re a member of HCE, the Board of Directors needs to hear from you. Use this form to send a message to members of the Board and urge them to reconsider this change in order to keep solar growing in Western Colorado.

Take action!

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