Make a difference in Minnesota's solar rights.
Make a difference in Minnesota's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Don’t Let HOAs Block Rooftop Solar in Minnesota

What is happening

Going solar gives families energy independence and financial security. But too many Minnesotans face roadblocks to going solar from their homeowner associations (HOAs).

We can do better.

Other states protect homeowners’ rights. They have laws that limit unfair HOA rules that block solar installations. This includes our neighbor, Wisconsin.

Minnesota needs a strong solar access law. House File 257 will give HOA homeowners in Minnesota the choice to install solar energy systems on their property. One in four Minnesotans lives in one of the state’s more than 7,700 homeowners associations. With this bill the HOA can apply reasonable restrictions, but not ban solar.

Distributed solar energy, in the form of rooftop solar installations:

  • Provides energy independence;
  • Helps homeowners save on their monthly electric bill;
  • Increases home resale value. A solar system can add $15,000 or more to home resale value;
  • Creates good-paying local jobs in the fastest-growing sector of the energy economy; and
  • Contributes to the renewable energy that we need to address the climate crisis.
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Minnesotans have a right to produce solar energy on their own home