Make a difference in Minnesota's solar rights.
Make a difference in Minnesota's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Don’t Let HOAs Block Rooftop Solar in Minnesota

Protect Minnesota HOA homeowners solar rights

What is happening

All Minnesotans should be able to enjoy the benefits of going solar.

Going solar gives families energy independence and financial security. But, for the 1 in 4 Minnesotans who live in neighborhoods with homeowners associations (HOAs), solar may not be possible. 

HOAs in Minnesota can impose unreasonable restrictions on their members’ right to install solar on their homes. That could keep solar out of reach for 1.4 million Minnesotans. 

We can do better. 27 other states, including our neighbors in Iowa and Wisconsin, limit HOAs’ abilities to restrict solar. Minnesota needs strong solar access protections, too. 

At the Minnesota Legislature, House File 1262 (introduced by Representatives Hemmingsen-Jaeger, Kraft, Acomb, Hollins, Hornstein, Stephenson, Cha, West, and Reyer) and its Senate companion bill, Senate File 1003 (introduced by Senators Coleman, Frentz, Dibble, Hoffman, and Duckworth) would protect Minnesota HOA members’ solar rights while still allowing HOAs to set reasonable rules.

Tell your state legislators to support these bills.

Take action!

If you want to protect the solar rights of all Minnesotans, please send a message to your state legislators in support of HF1262 and SF 1003.