Make a difference in D.C.'s solar rights.
Make a difference in D.C.'s solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Don’t let Pepco raise your rates

What is happening

Pepco wants to raise prices by nearly $136 million. This would increase residential bills in 2020 and the following two years.

Pepco’s request comes at the expense of solar. The utility’s construction plan budget does not include any investment in distributed solar or battery storage. Pepco needs to make this investment so that more D.C. residents can go solar.

Pepco Holdings made $110 million of profit in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

The CEO of its parent company, Exelon, makes $15 million per year. Its executives are telling shareholders they can expect even more profit after these price hikes. Last time Pepco applied for a price hike, the Commission actually found they should decrease prices, not raise them.

You can stop this unfair increase

Take action!

Pepco has asked the D.C. Public Service Commission to let the utility raise our electric rates. We must stop this unfair increase!