Make a difference in Arizona's solar rights.
Make a difference in Arizona's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Don’t let TEP harm solar customers

April 3, 9 AM - ACC hearings + vote on TEP’s proposal
Tell the ACC to reconsider TEP's proposal

What is happening

Monopoly utility Tucson Electric Power (TEP) wants to increase electricity rates by 11.8% and increase the service charge. That would mean the average Tucsonan would see a $16.22 per month increase on their energy bill.

For many TEP solar customers, this would mean higher bills and longer payback times. This is because the proposed increased monthly service charge and higher electric rates can’t always be offset by solar.

While TEP does plan to fund some wind and solar projects, this rate hike will also be used to pay for the continued use of dirty, expensive fossil fuel infrastructure. We need TEP to stop making ratepayers fund these expensive energy sources. Instead they should focus on replacing them with cleaner and cheaper energy sources, like rooftop solar and battery storage. 

The Arizona Corporation Commission is considering TEP’s application to raise rates and will make a decision on April 3. The voice of solar supporters must be heard in their decision. 

Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission to reconsider TEP’s costly rate hike with the potential for increased solar and battery storage in mind.

Add your name our comments to the Arizona Corporation Commission:

Dear Commissioners, 

We are writing to ask that you reevaluate Tucson Electric Power’s application to increase rates with clean energy sources, like solar, in mind. 

The increased rate is too high of a burden to place on Southern Arizonans and does not take into account cheaper, cleaner energy sources like solar. 

Solar supporters have several major concerns with TEP’s plan, including:

  • TEP is continuing to spend ratepayers’ money on its coal plants. Ratepayers should not be on the hook to keep these dirty, outdated, and expensive resources propped up.
  • TEP can save ratepayers money by speeding up the retirement of Springerville and Four Corners coal plants and switching to cleaner and cheaper renewable power sources – like solar battery storage. 
  • The increased rates would harm solar owners by increasing their bills and creating longer payback times. 
  • The burning of fossil fuels continues to occur at the cost of the environment and health of local communities, particularly those closest to industrial and gas facilities, including South Tucson.
  • $16.22 extra per month is a significant increase for all ratepayers, but will particularly burden frontline and disadvantaged communities and elderly customers on fixed income.

With all of that in mind, we hope that the Commission will reconsider TEP’s application.


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