Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.
Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Expand solar in Colorado

Take action by May 27
Support SB-21 261

What is happening

Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow you to do more with solar energy.

Right now, Colorado law limits how large a system you can install and still earn fair credit for the electricity it generates. The current limit is 120% of your usage. This means if you install solar but want to add an electric vehicle, your system may not produce enough electricity to power your home and your car.

The bill expands solar access in other ways as well.

It makes it easier for people who live in apartments or condos to benefit from solar by allowing them to share the benefits of a commonly-owned system.

It also allows people who own multiple properties to install solar at one property. They can then transfer the credit they generate from their system across their other properties.

The legislature adjourns for a recess at the end of this week. So time is short. Contact your legislators and urge them to pass this bill.

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Expand solar in Colorado. Tell legislators to support Senate Bill 21-261.