Make a difference in West Virginia's solar rights.
Make a difference in West Virginia's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Expand solar options in West Virginia

Enable community solar in West Virginia

What is happening

Thousands of West Virginians would like to go solar now. They can’t because their property isn’t right for solar. This might be because of tree cover or other obstacles, or they rent their home or business.

That’s why it is so important for the West Virginia legislature to legalize community solar programs.

This law would allow West Virginians to participate in a community solar program.

What is community solar

Community solar offers the benefit of solar to those who can’t, or prefer not to, install solar panels on their homes. These projects enable individuals, businesses, or organizations to purchase or subscribe to a “share” in a community solar project. If you join a community solar project, you receive a credit on your electric bill each month for the energy produced by your share.

How community solar can benefit West Virginians

A new report by the coalition West Virginians for Energy Freedom found that enabling community solar programs here would create thousands of local jobs, save millions per year on residential electricity bills, and generate hundreds of millions in new solar sales.

Read the community solar fact sheet!

Take action: Move solar forward in West Virginia!

Contact your legislators— Urge them to support community solar!