Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.
Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Fight for a cleaner, fairer energy system in Pennsylvania

Support investments in solar

What is happening

Pennsylvania is close to providing more support for solar energy and cutting electricity costs. Joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) would allow Pennsylvania to do so. RGGI is a program that charges fossil fuel plants for the pollution they create. This revenue goes to support money-saving energy technologies, like solar. Eleven states currently take part in RGGI. But, solar opponents in the state legislature want to stop Pennsylvania from joining.

Joining RGGI would bring many benefits to Pennsylvania. In the first year alone, it would:

  • Create 30,000 jobs
  • Generate hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in solar and other renewable energy sources
  • Cut carbon pollution by 25%

For these reasons, more than 70% of Pennsylvanians support RGGI.

Why RGGI needs your support

Anti-solar lawmakers have introduced a bill, HB 637, to stop Pennsylvania from joining RGGI. Contact your legislators using the form on the right. Urge them to oppose this harmful bill.