Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.
Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Help all Pennsylvanians benefit from solar energy!

Pass community solar legislation

What is happening

Going solar helps families save money and take control of where their electricity comes from. But not everyone can do so. This may be because their home is not the right fit for solar, or because they rent. This is where community solar comes in. Community solar lets people access solar’s benefits even if they can’t install solar on their home.

A bipartisan group of state legislators supports creating a community solar program in Pennsylvania. You have the power to see that they create one.

How community solar works

Community solar lets anyone with an electric bill go solar by subscribing to a share of a solar array located in their region. Subscribers receive a bill credit on their electric bills just like rooftop solar owners do.

Community solar can also make it easier for lower-income households to participate. This is because the cost to take part in community solar is lower than the price of owning an entire solar system. Plus, many Pennsylvania farmers will benefit financially by leasing a portion of their land to host community solar arrays, providing reliable revenue that can help keep farms viable.

Take action

Please send a message to your state legislators. Urge them to support community solar. Personalize your message. If you have solar, tell your representative how it has helped you and your family. If you’re unable to go solar, share that as well. Tell your representative that community solar will let you save money and take control of where your electricity comes from.

Timeline of Progress

  • Referred to the House Consumer Affairs Committee, June 3, 2021

Tell your state legislators to support community solar


Bill details

  • Sponsors: Kaufer, Millard, Bullock, Schweyer, Daley, Markosek, Schroeder, N. Nelson, Hill-Evans, Ciresi, Sanchez, Schlossberg, R. Brown, Gaydos, Longietti, Sappey, Neilson, James, Isaacson, Mentzer, DeLuca, Webster, Lee, O’Mara, Polinchock, Farry, Struzzi, Thomas, Lawrence, Deasy, Herrin, T. Davis, Sims, Solomon, Hohenstein, Otten, Rader, Malagari, Vitali, Cook
  • Full text of the bill

Tell your state legislators to support community solar