Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.
Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Help more Marylanders go solar

April 11: Legislative Session Ends

What is happening

Community solar helps Maryland families save money. But red tape is limiting its benefits. Income-eligible Maryland families can save up to 25% on their electric bills with community solar. But, families in the program have to receive two bills. They receive one bill from their electric utility and another bill from the community solar project. This is confusing and does not work well for many families.

House Bill 818, introduced by Delegate Clippinger, addresses this problem. HB 818 provides for just one utility bill for this community solar program. This will help more families access energy savings with community solar.

The House passed this bill on March 17, and it has stalled in the Senate.

Use the form on this page to urge your Senator and members of the Senate Finance Committee to cut the red tape. Tell them to support HB 818.

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Support HB 818 to expand community solar access