Make a difference in Arizona's solar rights.
Make a difference in Arizona's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Help Salt River Project customers vote

What is happening

The Salt River Project (SRP) provides electricity service to more than one million customers in the Phoenix metro area. SRP holds elections every two years for its board of governors and councilors. These people are responsible for setting rules governing the utility.

This includes your ability to go solar!

That’s why its so important for as many solar supporters as possible to participate. SRP should make it easy for customers to vote. It allows customers to sign up to vote by mail. The current process requires customers to print out a form, fill it out and mail in the form.

SRP can make it easier to participate in its elections. It should always allow customers to register online to receive their ballots by mail for future elections.

Take action!

Fewer than 1% of Salt River Project customers participated the most recent election. Urge SRP to change this by letting customers sign up to receive mail ballots online.