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Solar Advocacy: HOA solar bill passes Indiana General Assembly!

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What is happening

Too many Hoosiers are kept from installing solar panels on their own homes by their homeowners’ associations (HOAs). Twenty-seven other states already have solar access laws that protect homeowners’ property rights by limiting arbitrary HOA rules against solar installations, but Indiana homeowners lack such legal protections.

HEA 1196 is a victory for rooftop solar in Indiana!

HEA 1196 takes a step in the right direction to protect the property rights of Hoosiers who want to install solar panels on their own home. It provides a clear path for homeowners in restrictive HOAs to get approval from their neighbors to install solar panels. While SUN would like to see the right of Hoosiers to invest in rooftop solar on their own home strengthened, we support this step forward for solar access in Indiana.

Indiana should protect the property rights of solar homeowners. Customer-owned solar can yield substantial financial returns for a homeowner while also supporting good jobs in the local economy and strengthening the electric grid.

Want to learn how to use the new law? View our web page with step by step guidance.

Your voice matters!

Now that HEA 1196 is the law of the land, it’s important for solar advocates like you to say thank you—or ask for your legislator to do better next time. Tell your legislators you support HOA solar access rights for all Hoosiers! And please help us amplify our messages by sharing our efforts with your family and friends on social media!

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Tell your legislators you support HOA Solar Access rights for all Hoosiers