Make a difference in Indiana's solar rights.
Make a difference in Indiana's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Hoosiers have a right to produce solar energy on their own home

What is happening

Around the state, families are gaining energy independence and financial security by installing solar energy systems at their homes. Unfortunately, many Hoosiers face roadblocks in going solar from their homeowners’ associations (HOAs). While many other states protect their residents’ rights to go solar by preventing HOAs from levying anti-solar rules on their members, Indiana lacks such legal protection. As a result, many HOAs can keep homeowners from installing solar on their homes.

Twenty-five states already have solar access laws that protect homeowners’ property rights by limiting restrictive HOA rules against solar installations, including Texas and our neighbors in Illinois. Indiana is behind the times when it comes to protecting the property rights of solar homeowners. Customer-owned solar is an investment that can yield substantial financial returns for a homeowner while also supporting good jobs in the local economy and strengthening the electric grid. We should be expanding energy choices and opportunities for homeowners to make this smart financial investment without being undermined by unreasonable local restrictions.

A strong solar access law would help Hoosiers across the state have the choice to install solar energy systems and benefit from the substantial electric bill savings they generate. Distributed solar energy, in the form of rooftop solar installations, can:

  • Create good-paying local jobs in the fastest-growing sector of the energy economy;
  • Help homeowners produce substantial savings on their monthly electric bill;
  • Increase home resale value, with studies showing that a solar system can add $15,000 or more to home resale value; and
  • Provide energy independence for Hoosiers who seek to produce their own energy.
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