Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.
Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Increase energy equity and solar access in Colorado

May 11, legislative session ends
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What is happening

This week, state Representatives will vote on Senate Bill 138 – Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the House Energy and Environment Committee on Thursday April 28 at 1:30 pm. This bill will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and SUN wants to amend it to allow tens of thousands of Coloradans to save on their energy bills by providing smart energy upgrades like going solar.

How does it work?

The bill supports several policies to help address greenhouse gas emissions; we need your help to amend SB-138 to include the Equitable Energy Upgrade Acceleration Program (EEUAP)!

The EEUAP lets you save money from day one. It allows electric utility customers like you to make home energy improvements, often at no upfront cost. These improvements include making homes more energy efficient and adding solar panels.

The utility pays for the upfront cost of an energy improvement. It recoups this cost by adding a charge on your monthly bill.Your total bill is less than what you were paying before adding your upgrade.

The equipment belongs to you once the utility recovers the cost of its investment. Both homeowners and renters can participate.

Are there other benefits to the EEUAP?

    • It will boost Colorado’s state’s economy by generating billions of dollars of investment,
    • It will help families struggling to afford high energy bills,
    • It will help improve Colorado air quality,
    • It will make our electric grid more resilient and;
    • The EEUAP requires no tax dollars.

Tell House Energy & Environment Committee Chair Rep. Alex Valdez & Vice Chair Rep. Karen McCormick to offer the EEUAP amendment on SB 138 now.

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