Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.
Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Keep solar growing in Carroll County

What is happening

Community solar helps people save money on their electric bills. It also can help preserve agricultural land in Carroll County. That’s why we need to urge the county board to approve rules to allow community solar to be built.

Community solar lets people benefit from solar energy, even if they can’t go solar where they live. This may be because their roof is not right for solar, or because they rent. Community solar participants buy or lease a share of a solar facility. They earn a credit on their electric bill based on how much electricity the share produces.

Community solar benefits more than just participants. It provides a landowners with a stable “crop”. This keeps farms working. It prevents other types of development that permanently removes critical agricultural land.

The county board is considering a change to the county’s zoning rules for community solar. The current proposal unreasonably restricts community solar. It allows it only on specific parcels. The proposal only helps landowners that have already subdivided their property. It prohibits others that are looking for ways to keep an active farm working from pursuing this option.

Take action!
The county is considering a proposal that unfairly restricts development of community solar.