Make a difference in D.C.'s solar rights.
Make a difference in D.C.'s solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Keep the future bright for solar in D.C.

Expanding local solar in D.C.

What is happening

**More solar is a good thing! Urge the D.C. council to increase the local solar goal to 15% by 2041**

Solar is thriving in the District. You have the chance to keep it going! The D.C. Council is considering legislation that will keep solar affordable and make it easier for more families to access the benefits of harnessing the power of the sun. 

D.C. has legislation requiring us to get to 100% clean energy. But, how that energy is generated is important too. Rooftop and community solar is the best way to ensure that policy directly benefits local residents with lower bills and local jobs!

The bill by Council member Mary Cheh will protect the value of solar. It does so by ensuring that Pepco is has to buy a steady supply of solar credits from D.C. solar owners. This will help spur additional solar adoption.

Here’s a few reasons why it’s easy for solar advocates to lend their support:

  • The proposal will encourage more solar in the community. It will increase the District’s target for solar from 10% to 15% by 2041. This will allow room for the market to continue growing and speed up our transition to local clean energy.
  • Creates a level playing-field for consumers that go solar. Solar credits play a huge role in increasing solar capacity in D.C. Solar has grown by 40% in the past two years. These incentives come in the form of Solar Renewable Energy Credits known as “SRECs” for short. This bill will help stabilize SREC prices. It could potentially spur an increase in the value of these solar credits in 2023. This would help solar homeowners see quicker return on investment and ensure financing for solar projects that lower energy bills for low- and moderate- income residents.
  • Controls costs. The updated bill text includes support for a study on costs and benefits of this policy by the Office of the People’s Counsel every three years. It also includes support for energy bill assistance and outreach for these programs. Increasing the local solar goal will also increase funding for Solar for All. Solar for All has lowered energy bills for 9,000 families in need and has a goal of helping 100,000 families by 2032.

We need a final push of support before the first reading on December 6 and the final vote on December 20! Speak up to let D.C. Council members know that solar advocates support this bill. Your testimony in October and messages were a key to moving this proposal forward. Let’s keep it going! 

Take action!

Send a message to D.C. Council members. Urge them to support the Local Solar Expansion Amendment Act of 2022.


12/1/22 – Transportation & Environment Committee report on the bill: includes the updated bill language, in-depth discussion of why the bill is needed, summary of testimony from the bill hearing, and more.

10/3/22 Hearing notice


What you can do

Send a message to D.C. Council members. Urge them to support the Local Solar Expansion Amendment Act of 2022.