Make a difference for solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Make noise — tell Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act for solar!

Encourage Senators to pass the Build Back Better act

What is happening

The bill that will do the most for solar in a generation is in front of Congress now.

Whether it passes or not depends on whether folks who care about solar make enough noise to our legislators.

There are some great incentives for solar in the Build Back Better Act the Senate is negotiating right now.

You can help make sure these awesome provisions stay in the bill when it passes! Send your message to Congress now. Tell your Senators to fight for solar and get the Build Back Better Act passed.

Solar power is good for the economy and job growth, keeps our air clean, and contributes to energy independence.

Congress is negotiating the Build Back Better Act right now. It contains provisions that will help more people own solar.

These include:

  • Extension and expansion of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC);
  • Expansion of the Rural Energy for America (REAP) program; and
  • Important steps toward energy equity so that everyone can benefit from solar energy.

Send your message today to your Senators, and get the best solar bill in a generation — the Build Back Better Act — over the finish line!