Make a difference in New Mexico's solar rights.
Make a difference in New Mexico's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect solar rights in Farmington

What is happening

Solar owners deserve fair credit when they invest in solar. Right now, the Farmington City Government is threatening that right. Join fellow solar supporters to call on the City Council to:

  • End the unfair tax on solar
  • Ensure solar owners receive fair credit for the electricity they generate

End the solar tax

In 2017, the Farmington City Council enacted an unfair tax on solar users. It is called the “Standby Service Rider” and on average costs solar owners $35 per month. Solar supporters are fighting the fee in court. The city has now paid far more in legal fees defending the fee than they have collected. Recently, the city manager has suspended the fee. We hope this is a step in eliminating it altogether.

Protect fair credit

The Council is considering a proposal to deny solar owners fair credit for the electricity they generate. It wants to change the system used to measure this credit. This system is known as “net metering.”

Tell the City Council to eliminate the solar fee and to keep net metering in place. This will encourage more people to go solar in Farmington.

Together, we can take back our energy rights and make Farmington fair for solar. Contact the Council today. 

Fair solar credit benefits everyone

Maintaining rates with the current monthly net metering will enable more solar in Farmington. This benefits the entire community by:

  • Lowering everyone’s electric bill. Solar generates electricity to the grid when demand is highest. This reduces the need for utilities to buy expensive “peak” electricity from power plants.
  • Providing locally produced energy. This reduces the need for infrastructure (like electricity poles and transformers) that all utility customers pay for.
  • Creating good-paying local jobs in the fastest-growing sector of the energy economy.
  • Improving public health with a clean energy source.

Contact the Council and personalize your message. If you have solar, tell council members how these unfair rates harm your solar investment. If you don’t yet have solar, tell council members how these unfair rates make it harder for you to go solar.