Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.
Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect your right to go solar in Pennsylvania

Stop HOAs from blocking solar

What is happening

Pennsylvania law does not protect your right to install solar on your home. Your homeowners association (HOA) can block your installation.

Proposed bills, SB 826/HB 1996, would change this. They protects solar rights by denying HOAs’ ability to block solar installations. Passing these bills will allow Pennsylvanians to secure our energy independence, protect our environment, and gain economic benefits.

Laws protecting solar rights are common. Twenty-five states have them.

More than half of American homeowners are members of an HOA. In Pennsylvania alone, there are around 650 HOAs. The average member will pay $250 per month to their HOA. In turn, the HOA has nearly unlimited ability to restrict members from installing efficient and economically beneficial solar energy systems to their home.

SB 826/HB 1996 has bipartisan support. Contact your legislators. Let them know you support strong rights in Pennsylvania!

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