Make a difference in Indiana's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Save rooftop solar in Indiana!

July 1, 2022
Your voice matters!

What is happening

The General Assembly is considering several bills that would protect your solar rights and help more Hoosiers go solar. Our lawmakers need to hear from you.

How these bills protect your solar rights

In 2017, Indiana lawmakers voted to end the state’s net metering program. Net metering is a billing system that ensures solar owners receive fair credit for the electricity they produce. Current law sets net metering to end for all new solar owners on July 1, 2022. Net metering is already unavailable for some potential solar customers served by CenterPoint in southwest Indiana and NIPSCO in northern Indiana.

The replacement that’s proposed by the monopoly investor-owned utilities and adopted by regulators (called excess distributed generation or EDG) is a double-whammy of a bad deal for new and existing solar owners. It lowers the value of electricity solar owners send to their neighbors on the electric grid from 11 – 15 cents / kWh down to less than 3 cents / kWh. Also, it replaces the traditional monthly netting system for measuring the electricity sent to the grid with a new “instantaneous netting” system that actually provides no netting at all, contrary to the intent of existing law. Current solar owners who installed their solar panels after January 1, 2018, will also have their net metering replaced with the less valuable EDG credits in 2032.

The bills we’re fighting for

SB248 (Sen. Liz Brown) / HB1304 (Rep. Allan Morrison)

  • Narrowly focused on retaining traditional monthly netting as part of the excess distributed generation (EDG) program to replace net metering
  • See this one-pager for more information about monthly netting, which preserves much of the value lost by solar owners from the end of net metering.

SB314 (Sen. Shelli Yoder)

  • Repeals key portions of SEA 309, the 2017 law that ends net metering
  • Raises the net metering floor from 1.5% to 5% of a utility’s peak load

HB1136 (Rep. Tony Cook, Rep. Donna Schaibley)

  • Moves the phase-out of net metering back three years (to 2025)
  • Raises the net metering floor from 1.5% to 3% of a utility’s peak load
  • Gives schools and local governments the ability to apply their net metering credits to up to 3 meters (“meter aggregation”)

SB313 (Sen. Shelli Yoder) / HB1250 (Rep. Sue Errington)

  • Requires each investor-owned electric utility to create a community solar program for their service territory, allowing Hoosiers who can’t install solar on their own roof to subscribe to projects that generate solar credits valued at full retail rate