Make a difference in 's solar rights.
Make a difference in 's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Michigan’s clean energy future depends on solar

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What is happening

Monopoly utilities are lobbying against your right to go solar,  self-generate, and store your own energy. Given utilities’ track record with handling power outages, Michiganders, now more than ever, need access to solar and battery storage options. Your legislators have the opportunity to pass legislation that will protect energy freedom and ensure that solar is part of the solution to Michigan’s clean energy future. 

We need to act now before September 14

This week, state legislators are at a pivotal point and will determine the role solar will play in the state’s clean energy future. If passed, a series of bills can help ensure that all households across have access to affordable and reliable electricity. At a hearing this Thursday, September 14, the Senate Energy & Environment Committee will decide the future of this pro-solar legislation. We need to supporters to stand up for energy rights. 

Here’s how we’ll support a brighter future for solar in Michigan:

  • Scrap the solar cap. SB 362 & SB 363 will repeal limits on local solar and ensure solar customers are fairly credited for the energy they produce. 
  • Allow people to benefit from solar, even if they can’t or don’t want to install panels on their homes. SB 152 & SB 153 create a community solar program that allows subscribers who opt in to benefit from solar, regardless of income or housing.
  • Rebates for customers who install solar or batteries. HB 4840 cuts the upfront costs of rooftop solar and battery storage installations nearly in half for income-qualified customers. 
  • Provide reliable electricity during outages. HB 4839 will allow virtual power plants to keep the lights on during extreme weather and prevent disastrous outages by embracing technology that would allow solar owners to send excess energy back to the grid and periods of high demand.
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