Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.
Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Stop insurance companies from dropping solar homeowners

Stop insurance discrimination

What is happening

Insurance companies are skipping out on their responsibility to protect Floridians. Insurers are unfairly dropping insurance policies across the state for people using solar to power their homes. Now with Hurricane Ian in the rearview we only expect the situation to get worse.

Many companies are refusing to provide coverage to solar customers. They are citing net metering as a business practice as the primary reason. Some are also making claims that solar increases the liability risk. 

The Public Service Commission has already clarified that there is no basis for either claim. 

We can’t let these companies pull the rug out from under Florida’s consumers. Insurers are abandoning their customers and leaving them without a safety net. Many households are already facing financial hardships. Rooftop solar is one of the few ways families can fight rising utility bills and costs of living. This uncertainty is putting families safety and financial investments at risk. 

You can make a difference and help Floridians fight back. The Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, and the Division of Financial Services oversees the insurance industry. They are responsible for representing consumers and investigating complaints filed with their office. 

This shirking of responsibility by insurance companies needs to be addressed by agencies and our elected leaders. Raise your voice now to elevate the rights of solar homeowners. 

Your action will help bring this issue straight to regulators and into the spotlight.

Take action!

Tell Florida’s CFO Jimmy Patronis to stand up against insurance companies that are dropping solar homeowners’ insurance policies