Make a difference in 's solar rights.
Make a difference in 's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Stop the attack on net metering in Florida

Protect net metering in Florida

What is happening

93% of Floridians support solar net metering. The proposed changes to net metering in Senate Bill 1024 & House Bill 741 would decimate Florida’s growing rooftop solar industry and result in the loss of thousands of solar jobs.

We need to ensure that Florida legislators hear from the thousands of Floridians that support our solar rights.

Several key legislators need to hear from you today — Senate bill sponsor Senator Jennifer Bradley, House bill sponsor Representative Lawrence McClure, House Tourism, Infrastructure, & Energy Subcommittee Chair Representative Brad Drake, and Senate Regulated Industries Chair Senator Travis Hutson, and your own elected representatives. Use the form on the right to email them all and urge them to oppose SB 1024 and HB 741. 

Remember: personalized messages multiply your impact, so make the message your own! Be sure to mention if you:

  • Use solar to power your home or business
  • Work in the solar industry
  • Want to go solar, but have been unable