Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.
Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Stop the hostile takeover of GRU

Protect home rule and keep local control of GRU

What is happening

State leaders want the authority to control local decisions being made by the Gainesville community. They’ve drafted a bill to tell local residents how to manage their publicly-owned utility. We must join together to stop the Tallahassee power grab and urge legislators to say “NO!” to a hostile takeover of Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU). 

On March 17 the Alachua County Legislative Delegation voted 4 to 1 to support a bill led by State Representative Chuck Clemons (R-Newberry) that would strip the Gainesville City Commission of its authority over GRU and, instead, a Governor-appointed board would gain control. This bill is set to be introduced in the House on April 8, after the end of a 30-day notice period.

Why we need to stop the Tallahassee power grab 

This bill is not in the best interest of Gainesville residents. GRU has been publicly-owned by the people it serves for more than 100 years. State leaders with ties are ignoring the will of 60% of Gainesville voters who already voted down this idea in 2018. This bill would also:

  • Trigger higher utility bills for customers
  • Allow the state government to steal control from local residents
  • Destabilize GRU’s operations that are closely knitted to the city budget. 
  • Disrupt the municipal budget and poses a threat to funds used to support police and fire departments.
  • Threaten the livelihoods of the more than 1,000 GRU-employee families 

Now is the time to protect your energy rights and to protect local control of GRU. 

What you can do to protect local energy rights

  • Send a message to your State Senator and Representative to oppose the GRU takeover!
Take action!

Tell your state legislators to vote NO on the GRU hostile takeover