Make a difference in West Virginia's solar rights.
Make a difference in West Virginia's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell Senator Manchin: It’s not too late to change

What is happening

Last week, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said he would not support needed pro-solar policies. These policies would make it more affordable for West Virginia families and businesses to invest in and benefit from solar power.

Sen. Manchin’s decision is a missed opportunity for our economy.

A key piece of these pro-solar policies is the solar investment tax credit (ITC). The ITC is scheduled to phase out in 2024. Keeping the ITC will make it possible for many more West Virginians to go solar. It will help them reduce and control their energy costs. And, it would create good local jobs. Sen. Manchin’s decision harms West Virginia families, workers, and businesses.

But it’s not too late. Senator Manchin can still come back to the negotiations. Show him West Virginians want more solar. Contact Senator Manchin today. Urge him to move forward with pro-solar policies.

An ITC extension is one of the many ways these policies would benefit West Virginia.

Also at stake is the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). REAP helps farms and rural businesses in West Virginia save money. It does so by providing grants and loans for solar installations and other clean energy technologies.

Lastly, the package of solar policies Senator Manchin should support includes provisions to help people and organizations unable to make use of tax credits go solar. This includes:

  • nonprofits,
  • local governments,
  • churches,
  • rural electric cooperatives, and
  • low-income families.

It’s crucial for Senator Manchin to hear from his constituents about his decision and to encourage him to do the right thing.

Please take action today!