Make a difference in Arizona's solar rights.
Make a difference in Arizona's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission: Arizonans want community solar

Ensure that all Arizonans can benefit from solar

What is happening

What is community solar?

Millions of Arizona families cannot go solar where they live. There are several reasons for this. Their roof might not be right for solar. They may be unable to afford solar’s upfront cost. Or, they might rent. Community solar could ensure that all Arizonans can see the benefits of solar.

Community solar allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to subscribe to a solar project. They receive credits on their monthly electric bills based on a share of the power that it generates. That means energy bill savings for the subscribers and solar benefits for everyone.

Tell me more about the benefits…

Community solar lets subscribers who can’t otherwise access solar save money on their electric bills. More than that, community solar delivers benefits we all enjoy. It:

  • Creates good-paying local jobs
  • Fosters energy independence
  • Makes our communities more resilient
  • Reduces pollution

What’s going on with community solar in Arizona?

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is an elected body that regulates utilities and sets rates. Right now, it is considering starting Arizona’s first ever competitive community solar program. The initial program would only be for customers of Arizona Public Service (APS). APS is the state’s largest electric utility. This  could lay the groundwork for similar community solar programs for other utility customers, too.

The ACC can help all Arizonans benefit from solar by establishing Arizona’s first true community solar program.