Make a difference in Texas's solar rights.
Make a difference in Texas's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Keep solar affordable! Tell Pedernales Electric Co-op to support fair solar policies

What is happening

In December of 2020, the Pedernales Electric Cooperative board decided to impose several policies that would make going solar more difficult. For months, solar supporters have fought the board’s attempt. This fight is working. In July of 2021, the board voted to rescind several of these policies.

The board cited the feedback they had received from members several times over the course of their meeting. Additionally, members testified in support of solar for an hour.

Thanks to feedback from PEC members, the board also committed to conducting a Value of Solar study to inform policy recommendations. While this was a win for solar supporters, the study excluded the environmental and social benefits of solar, which should be components of any value of solar calculation.

Proposed changes could harm solar

The board is now using the study to consider a proposal that would increase costs to customers who have solar. The board plans to vote on the proposal on December 17.

If the proposal is approved, solar customers could see their energy bills increase as much as 600%.

The fight isn’t over

There’s still time to act. We need to show the board that solar energy benefits everyone. This rate proposal would harm solar owners and people who want to go solar. Unfair policies like this make solar less accessible.

Take action

Contact the PEC. Ask the board to reject the new rate proposal. Tell them why fair solar policies are important to you.

Take action!

The board could soon adopt policies that will cost solar owners hundreds of dollars.