Make a difference in Texas's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell the Pedernales Electric Co-op to oppose anti-solar policies

What is happening

In late April, the Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) Board of Directors voted to delay imposing several anti-solar policies. The board proposed these policies in December, without properly consulting PEC members.

Demand charges

A demand charge is a charge on your electric bill that you pay regardless of how much electricity you buy. Demand charges limit how much you can save by going solar. You can’t use less electricity, or generate your own, to lower a demand charge.

Time-of-use billing

Under time of use billing, the amount you’ll pay for electricity varies depending on the time of day. All members with solar – even those who already had it before the board voted – will be forced onto time-of-use rates.

Solar fees

PEC members who want to install solar will now have to pay a $650 fee to do so. This is designed to discourage PEC members from going solar.

Take action!

The board could soon adopt policies that will cost solar owners hundreds of dollars.