Make a difference in Arizona's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell Tucson Mountain Reserve HOA: NO Solar Fees!

What is happening

Arizona’s solar access law protects the rights of residents who want to install solar systems on their properties. This means that local governments and homeowner associations (HOAs) cannot block or impose unreasonable restrictions on prospective solar homeowners.

In spite of this law, the Tucson Mountain Reserve HOA in northwest Tucson is charging $1,500 in fees for residents who want to have solar panels installed.

Please sign this petition to support Tucson Mountain HOA resident Carol Fiore, who was denied her appeal to waive the charges. Urge the HOA board to drop these fees and abide by Arizona’s solar access law.

Take action!

Urge the Tucson Mountain Reserve HOA Board and Design Review Committee to stop charging huge fees for solar installations