Solar owners are the best advocates for better solar policies

Selling solar is hard. Constant attacks from solar opponents threaten your bottom line. 

We’re fighting back.

Non-profits Solar United Neighbors and Solar Rights Alliance have teamed up to build the National Solar Activist Network.

We are mobilizing  a 500,000+-strong network of solar owners across the country to protect solar rights and your ability to sell solar.

We’ve defended solar rights across the country

  • Protected net metering in Florida, California, and at FERC
  • Stopped Hawaii from limiting rooftop solar
  • Fixed unfair permitting in dozens of jurisdictions
  • Expanded solar rights for residents in Homeowners Associations 
  • Secured hundreds of media stories about the benefits of solar and why legislators should support strong solar policies
  • Organized more than 270 digital and in-person training events that kept network members engaged

Attacks on solar are increasing. The National Solar Activist Network needs to keep growing!

Together, we can turn your customers into solar advocates.

Who is already part of the partnership?

We are working with solar installers, loan companies, and local organizations to connect solar owners and subscribers to advocacy opportunities. 

High-profile industry leaders already participating in the National Solar Activist Network include:

  • Sunrun
  • Sunnova
  • Solar Mosaic
  • Your business!

Ready to learn more?

Let’s talk about the program and how you can get involved. Interested solar companies should contact Erin Hellkamp, National Solar Activist Network & Policy Coordinator at to schedule a one-on-one to learn more.