Erik – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The group was helpful when we compared proposals from installers.

Allegheny County Solar Co-op, Pittsburgh, PA
System size: 7.60 kW

Why did you decide to go solar?

We went solar partially to save money and partially to be nicer to the climate.

How is your system performing so far?

Our system came online since our last electric bill, so we haven’t seen a post-solar bill yet. But we can monitor our production online and have been generating 38-40 kilowatt hours per day and we only use about 80 kilowatt-hours per day. Even on a cloudy, rainy day like today, we are generating energy.

What advice would you give someone who is considering going solar?

 Just be patient. We signed our paperwork around September and didn’t get the installation started until February.

Would you recommend the solar co-op process to other people?

It’s much easier to compare proposals from installers with other people other than just doing by yourself. I don’t do anything electrical myself, so it helps to have someone walking through that information with you who can explain what things mean.