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Browse our directory of local businesses that have gone solar. We help solar homeowners and supporters connect with and support businesses in their community that are solar advocates in their own right. From wineries to architecture firms, find out which businesses in your area have installed solar and moved the clean energy economy forward.

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Throughout the directory, check out our featured businesses. Discover why your neighborhood brewery or local grocer decided to install solar and learn about how it has benefited them. This slider shows a small selection of our featured businesses. Click on your state below to find a business that went solar near you!

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Members of Solar United Neighbors gain access to a suite of benefits, including periodic discounts and coupons from participating businesses.

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The directory is constantly growing. Want to add your business to the list or be profiled? It’s 100% free to be listed. Shoot us an email at [email protected] with the details of your project.

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